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Since the very start this project has been living of the energy from motivated people with the urge to be part of changing the way we experience video online. From underground BBQ parties to one of our videos shared more times than tumblr's most shared post in 2014. From talking with international VC's regarding million dollar investments to seeing our videos tweeted by the likes of The Roots and N’Sync (We know, it’s pretty fucking weird). 

We proudly think there is much to look back on. We have had millions visiting the site from almost every corner of the world, over 80.000 people connected with us on social media, we got 14 design awards and nominations, where nominated for the best bootstrapped startup at Nordic Startup Award and won a 3rd place in the annual Creative Business Cup. We also hosted popular video night events in Copenhagen, New York and Amsterdam.

Thanks to all for the love and support over the years. We’ll keep you posted on what is next for us
and naturally our inbox is open for collabs with fellow digital daredevils.

Much love from the Retelly team

Bring Back Memories

  • Wednesday, January 16, 2019

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